With our services, internet marketers had generated over 120,000$ in affiliate sales for the last 12 months  from their websites. 

Our client called J.S. had a websites promoting products from clickbank.com. He was targeting most major categories for high margin digital products. Over the year he had invested 6,700$ in total and got a 1000% ROI for the year. J.S had a few websites targeting different niches with big potential. After he took the FREE web sites analisys. He agreed with out suggestions to take a keyword research and target keywords with the PLATINUM package. This is how J.S. started.

84 %
Working with lame company
you can refund money but cant refund time

84% of our clients had problems with their previous companies. Underestimating the complexity of SEO, and paying ridiculous amounts to unqualified companies, with zero skills.

75 %
Paying for NO results.
Low cost for no results is money lost.

75% Paid for SEO and never got ranked. Falling into the trap of cheap SEO and getting nothing for their money. It is more expensive to go with amateur SEO company.

69 %
Ranked bad keywords.
It is important to put the effort in the right direction.

69% Just got worthless rankings,leading to no increase in sales. In the end you have lost both your money and time.

90 %
Resellers overcharge.
We are vendors and we dont resell anything to you.

90% Being overcharged on the price. We got full time staff and we dont resell anything to you. This guarantees the best prices!



TheSERP provides professional online marketing and web services. It is an SEO company founded in Bulgaria 2012. Our main goal is simple: to maximize your business profit and revenue.

  • Being a team of highly experienced professionals
  • Different areas SEO experts.
  • Online services to help businesses.

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